San Miguel and Day of the Dead

What an epic adventure! I was invited to create a promotional video for Eat the Peach Travel Tours, Tom and Sharon,  for their Day of the Dead tour in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico last November. After playing the annual Halloween party at the Adobe Bar, Dan and I drove straight to the airport, three hours away, for a 6 am flight. So Rock n Roll. ay..yai ay...So with Dan as my soundman we headed off for adventure, fun and music! We had originally met Tom and Sharon playing a show so they booked us a gig at the 007 Bond Bar, a rooftop bar in San Miguel, which was pretty dang cool. Especially loved singing our original song we wrote in Spanish with our American accents ;-) well....not too badly American. But we loved San Miguel de Allende! Full of  gracious people,  beautiful colors,  culture, the architecture, what a town! So check out and the video I made below. A special thanks to fellow musician and video editor, Martin Rowell,  whom I got to sit next to editing this video for about 36 hours. Could not have done it without him.

And you might want to check out their next adventure. Fantastic experience of a lifetime! But see it for yourself.....

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