Bone Orchard

After meeting in the thriving underground music scene of Los Angeles where Daniel Pretends Eagle, hailed by LA Weekly as “one of LA’s best unsigned guitarists,” fronted roots-punk band The Peckinpahs, he and Carol Morgan-Eagle relocated to Taos, NM in the early ‘90s. even though Daniel had always adamantly stated “you don’t form a band with your wife!”, singing and playing music around a campfire on the banks of the Rio Chama 19 years ago was where they finally realized it was time to mesh their talents,  He has since acquiesced it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

They’ve been co-writing, recording, and producing their own music in Taos, New Mexico ever since, crafting a sound and songwriting style that expresses their passions and singular haunting beauty of the vistas and landscapes of the southwest.  Celtic harmonies....Gypsy melodies.... Spanish rhythms... Spaghetti Westerns.... surf.... and psychedelia all converge into Daniel and Carol’s own version of the mythology of the Old/New West, creating a genre they simply call Southwest Americana.

Bone Orchard, with Daniel Pretends Eagle on guitar and vocals, Carol Morgan-Eagle on vocals, Gil Frey on drums, Anne Luna alternating with Paul Reid on bass, will take you on a journey through a Spanish Gypsy Western soundscape that will keep you dancing the night away.

Projects include composing music at the invitation of The Albuquerque Museum for their exhibition “Only in Albuquerque.” Appearing in the movie Ideal Home. Their last album, A Romance Of Ghosts, was considered “one of the most exciting folk rock CDs of recent times” by Eric van Domberg Scipio of Heaven Magazine. Look for Bone Orchard’s next CD in summer 2024, entitled Saints Of The Borderlands.

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