Been a while!

Well that happened...I can't believe it's been two years since we all went into quarantine and all shows stopped for a long while! We played some great shows  last summer but we decided to hold off in the winter until we could play outdoors again.   Spring is here and we'll be booking shows again. Though, as many of you know and those who don't know.... our venue that we love and have played at for over 20 years, The Taos Inn, was sold to a corporate entity from elsewhere after years of private local ownership and is no longer the Living Room of Taos. They only allow a musician or two on the balcony, which takes the intimacy out of it all. And sadly, NO dancing is allowed. Quite a change from the days of not so far off yore. How many joyful shows we've done when the whole place was rockin'!  No more wild Halloween shows there which we were privileged to perform at for 20 years. But I'm glad we all at least had those times of  memorable musical nights there. Time marches on..and as the current seasonal change is telling us.... something new always springs from the old. 

But we miss playing music and  so we look forward to seeing you all elsewhere out there.  Hope you've all stayed healthy and well. If you've lost loved ones or have been sick yourself we hold you in our hearts and send love and grace your way. Looking forward to seeing you out there soon!