Great snow season so we're outta here!

Well all that snow has been great for the environment but it's a lot for this California girl so we're headed off next week to the City of Brotherly Love, Old Philadelphia to play Andrea Clearfield's Salon. Known as the oldest and best salon in the country, it's one of our favorite gigs and if you don't know about composer,  Andrea Clearfield, her work as well as her Salon, here's a great little article on her.  And it all happens on the 3rd floor loft of an old 17th century mansion. And we love exploring Philadelphia, between the prison cell of Al Capone at the 19th century Philadelphia Prison to the gorgeous architecture of the Masonic's Headquarters with all of it's rooms designed from different cultures like Egypt, the beautiful cemeteries with all the old history in Old City and  the ghost photograph! I captured on that rainy day Ghost Tour. But best of all, the apple dumpling with dairy cream served by the Amish girls. Yeah, I know these are quirky things to love about this town, but well....that's why we're Bone Orchard.  And then! Off to the beach for a, relaxation and a chance to work on those new songs we've been writing. 

Check back soon as we will be adding more gigs along the way including Colorado and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! Cheers!