Fun on a movie set

Two years ago, we were scouted by Running Wolf casting to be the band on the movie, Ideal Home, starring Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. Filmed at the Pink Adobe Bar in Santa Fe, we probably did the scene around 15 times. Paul and Steve tangoing in front of us over and over. Great people on the set and they treated us beautifully.  The movie went to Cannes Film festival and then we never heard of it again...oh well! But, lo and beyond, just last May the key costumer, Jane Day, sent me a text with this photo on it. And sure enough, it opened on June 29th nation wide and there we are, in the last part of the movie. Brief as our scenes are, really only seconds, it was fun to see ourselves up on that big screen. It's a funny, sharp, loving homage to Santa Fe about a couple, Paul and Steve, who end up with a long, lost grand kid and have to find their way through their own narcissistic, indulgent life style to a new way of viewing life showing that love knows no boundaries or gender. Love is love, ain't that the truth!  Check it out if it plays in your neighborhood or rent on and you'll catch us at the end, brief but there we are.