Bone Orchard

Magic in San Miguel de Allende

If you've never been to San Miguel de Allende...then put it on your bucket list. It's a vibrant gorgeous town full of life! Music everywhere you go! In the streets, on hidden multi leveled roof top bars, in restaurants and houses and spontaneous players in El Jardin! It's a way of life in Mexico and we got to join in! Dan and I had a blast playing at  Kenny's 007 Bond bar,  Fiamma and the famous or infamous Hank's Bar. We befriended some fabuloso musicians,, some who  even knew music friends in Santa Fe,  and we can't wait to go back and play some more. Thanks to Kenny for hooking us up with Flacko and his PA system.  If you're headed to San Miguel, email me and I'll let you know some of our favorite hang outs. Next up! House Concert in Santa Fe, House Concert in Salida, Colorado. Taos Inn on August 31st and then it's off to Ireland in September!