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Magic in San Miguel de Allende


If you've never been to San Miguel de Allende...then put it on your bucket list. It's vibrant gorgeous town full of life! everywhere you go, music in the streets, on hidden multi leveled roof top bars, in restaurants and houses and spontaneous players in El Jardin! It's a way of life in Mexico and we got to join in! Dan and I had a blast playing at  Kenny's 007 Bond bar,  Fiamma and the famous or infamous Hank's Bar. We met some amazing musicians, some who knew music friends in Santa Fe and we can't wait to go back and play some more. If you're headed to San Miguel, email me and I'll let you know some of our favorite hang outs.

Off on another adventure!


We've had a busy summer and now Dan and I are headed off to San Miguel de Allende once again to hang out with our favorite Eat The Peach Travel Tour friends. We had to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico while we packed because, well, it's filmed in SMA. And well there's Antonio Banderas.... ;-)  We're looking forward to exploring our favorite new and old haunts and playing some music while we're down there. If you know of anyone who lives there, well...hook us up!

Great snow season so we're outta here!


Well all that snow has been great for the environment but it's a lot for this California girl so we're headed off next week to the City of Brotherly Love, Old Philadelphia to play Andrea Clearfield's Salon. Known as the oldest and best salon in the country, it's one of our favorite gigs and if you don't know about composer,  Andrea Clearfield, her work as well as her Salon, here's a great little article on her.  And we love exploring Philadelphia, between the prison cell of Al Capone at the 19th century Philadelphia Prison to the gorgeous architecture of the Masonic's Headquarters with all of it's rooms designed from different cultures like Egypt, the beautiful cemeteries with all the old history in Old City and  the ghost photograph! I captured on that rainy day Ghost Tour. But best of all, the apple dumpling with dairy cream served by the Amish girls. Yeah, I know these are quirky things to love about this town, but well....that's why we're Bone Orchard.  And then! Off to the beach for a, relaxation and a chance to work on those new songs we've been writing. 

Check back soon as we will be adding more gigs along the way including Colorado and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico! Cheers!

San Miguel and Day of the Dead


What an epic adventure! I was invited to create a promotional video for Eat the Peach Travel Tours, Tom and Sharon,  for their Day of the Dead tour in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico last November. After playing the annual Halloween party at the Adobe Bar, Dan and I drove straight to the airport, three hours away, for a 6 am flight. So Rock n Roll. ay..yai ay...So with Dan as my soundman we headed off for adventure, fun and music! We had originally met Tom and Sharon playing a show so they booked us a gig at the 007 Bond Bar, a rooftop bar in San Miguel, which was pretty dang cool. Especially loved singing our original song we wrote in Spanish with our American accents ;-) well....not too badly American. But we loved San Miguel de Allende! Full of  gracious people,  beautiful colors,  culture, the architecture, what a town! So check out and the video I made below. A special thanks to fellow musician and video editor, Martin Rowell,  whom I got to sit next to editing this video for about 36 hours. Could not have done it without him.

And you might want to check out their next adventure. Fantastic experience of a lifetime! But see it for yourself.....

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Roof top bars in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


A hidden well known secret in San Miguel are the roof top bars. Almost every restaurant and sometimes just regular buildings have them. And when you climb up those dark stairs you never know what to expect. Some have full on gardens with small pools of water and sleek seating while others are merely the size of a small kitchen. We had the opportunity to play the roof top bar at Bond Bar 007 and what a fabulous night that was. A special thanks to Jim O'Donnell for capturing this shot of us that night.

Fun on a movie set


Two years ago, we were scouted by Running Wolf casting to be the band on the movie, Ideal Home, starring Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. Filmed at the Pink Adobe Bar in Santa Fe, we probably did the scene around 15 times. Paul and Steve tangoing in front of us over and over. Great people on the set, fun times. The movie went to Cannes Film festival and then we never heard of it again. But, lo and beyond, the key costumer, Jane Day, sent me a text with this photo on it. And sure enough, it opened on June 29th nation wide and we're in the part of the moment. Brief as our scenes are, really only seconds, it was fun to see ourselves up on that big screen. It's a funny, sharp, loving homage to Santa Fe about a couple, Paul and Steve, who end up with a long, lost grand kid and have to find their way through their own narcissistic, indulgent life style to a new way of viewing life. Go see it if it plays in your neighborhood or rent on and you'll catch us at the end, brief but there!

Good times on the East Coast


If you've never been to the East Coast in spring, put it on your bucket list. Central Park in full bloom is a site to behold as are the streets of Philadelphia! In between shows, we  fit in some great visiting at the Met, Wave Hill in NY.  Old City, Independence Hall in Philly and walked about 12 miles a day in both places. We had a wonderful evening performing at Andrea Clearfield's 31 year old Salon in Philadelphia. What a great experience she has created for both the audience and us performer's. I think we've become ambassadors of New Mexico because so many guests came up afterwards and told us how they wanted to come visit New Mexico now! We made some wonderful new friends and picked up an amazing opportunity of which more will be revealed in the future. And we look forward to performing there again in March of 2019!  But meanwhile we're back in our beautiful home of Taos, which is also in full bloom and also a sight to behold! Four shows here in Taos this month so come see us at one of more! And keep checking back as I'm always adding gigs. Hope to see you out there soon!

Welcome to the new website!


Finally! We loved that old website, but our web designer went AWOL and it was all her own code sooo... here 's the new one created by myself and my web and conceptual business design partner, Barbara Davis (who totally rocks  the techie side!)  and btw, our business is The Taos Pixel Dust Sisters.  

I'll be adding more show dates and more info so check back occasionally. We've taken off for a few months to finish mixing the cd, get the new website done and all that entails. We'll be doing a kickstarter soon to raise funds to manufacture and print the cd.  Daniel and I will be heading to Philadephiia next month to play the oldest Salon in the country. And then we'll be back in Taos for two shows in May...kicking off into summer! So good to be back online here and playing music! Looking forward to seeing you all out there!  Please sign up for our email list, even if you did before. Our list went MIA along with the website. Thanks for visiting!  Carol

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